Any Wireless Earbuds

Any Wireless Earbuds

It's time to embrace wireless earbuds. My headphone jack port is gone.

  • check Easy access
  • check Listen to those voice notes
  • check Look, they're everywhere
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I'm not going to sell you on one specific brand, but it's time to embrace the wireless earbuds. Everyone is selling them. They're convenient. They have a pretty good battery life if used within reason.

Yeah, they hurt your ears sometimes. They're not the best at blocking out sound. They have small drivers, so the bass and dynamic range is never there. They're usually using bluetooth, which limits their effective bit depth and audio codec. But they're here to stay and they'll get better with time.

I'm using the Redmi Buds Pro 5. They only sold this in China when I bought them, so I just thought it was neat. But any brand will do.