Collapsible Neck Pillow

Collapsible Neck Pillow

Sleep well on the go

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It's a long flight and you're the opposite of well rested. You try to find a comfortable position to get some shut-eye, but economy class seats were made with some sickening anti-homeless architecture and everything hurts all the time. You find a position and wake up 3 hours later covered in sweat with a massive crick in your neck and imprints on your face befitting a gaelic warrior.

Neck pillows are an obvious solution, but they take up a lot of space for something you'll only use on the commute there and back. This one is quick to blow up and fold back into your bag.

It's not as soft as a memory foam pillow, but it makes up for it by the unique shape. You can rest your head forwards, which is not something you get with most conventional neck pillows.