E-ink Tablet

E-ink Tablet

Detach from the internet, but keep your eyes on the screen

  • check easy on eyes
  • check long battery life
  • check lightweight and small
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E-ink tablets are a game changer for reading. The screen mimics real paper by magnetizing ink blobs instead of LEDs so it's easy on your eyes. You can read for hours without eye strain and with little decrease in battery life.

I like reading, but books are heavy. If you're commuting or vacationing, an e-ink tablet is perfect. They're lightweight, have long battery life, and hold thousands of books. The feel is never as nice as a real book, but it's a good compromise for convenience.

Which tablet should you get? Go for the cheapest one until you need to upgrade. There are some great ones out there, but they're pretty expensive and not worth the upgrade until you've experienced it already and know what you're looking for.