Garmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct

A smart watch that you can wear - rain or shine

  • check 2 week battery
  • check waterproof
  • check less distracting than others
  • check minimal features
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Smartwatches are cool. I don't love the aesthetics, but they help me get away from my phone without worrying about missing important notifications. My watch is my first line of defense before I get sucked into the warp of the most interesting device on the planet when trying to check up on texts.

In the same regard, the upside over other smartwatches is that it has less features (so it's less distracting) and it can last 2 weeks (so you can sleep with it). You can also sleep with other watches, but then you can't have it on all day. Charging the watch for some amount of time needs to be built into the routine.

You can also set timers and alarms really quickly!